Emily D.

Property Owner

"Recently, I was in need of some expert advice regarding management of my property on the beach of Carlsbad,  as I live in Michigan, I conducted as thorough a search as possible and come across a well respected property management company which is where I first met Jim Scanlon.  First and foremost, I needed someone who I felt comfortable communicating with and could trust from over 2,000 miles away.  Jim assured me that he could provide all the services needed until I was ready to begin renovations.  There was nothing easy about this job as MAJOR repairs were required.  We are planning on using the property upon retirement, but the long-term tenants were unwilling to vacate.  Jim quickly took charge and managed the situation efficiently and professionally, resulting in an amicable move enabling repairs and renovation to proceed, right on schedule.  Right from the start, he became my single point of contact and a most trusted partner.  With Jim in charge, major and minor repairs were addressed and corrected using his personal construction contractor sources. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim Scanlon for anything involving real estate and property management.  Jim proved to be not only highly competent as a property manager, but I really appreciated his timely responses to my many questions about the property.  I’m looking forward to a continued relationship with Jim on current and future RE ventures.  He is very good at what he does!"

John H.

Property Owner

"Jim Scanlon is the best property manager we have ever met.  We interviewed several companies to manage our Carmel Valley property when we relocated from the San Diego area to the east coast.  We decided to move forward with Jim because he was the most professional and straightforward candidate.  We feel very fortunate to have Jim handle our property.  He kept us informed about the condition of our property and always got back with us quickly if we had any questions or concerns.  Jim has excelled at resolving construction/maintenance requirements from the tenants and is incredibly effective in emergency situations.  We encountered a clogged toilet and an extensive water leak, which caused considerable damage, and Jim did a superb job of taking care of everything.  He kept us up to date during the construction process and it felt great not having to worry, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  We would highly recommend Jim if you are looking for competent property management services."

Louis G.

Long-Term Tenant

"I have lived in my Carlsbad Village home for over 8 years.  During that time I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jim Scanlon and I consider myself fortunate to be dealing with such a reputable property management company.  I have lived in several places and have never been treated with such respect and consideration. All requests for assistance and repairs have been addressed in a timely manner and issues resolved promptly.  I would highly recommend any of the properties managed by Jim Scanlon."

Victor & Daniela Davis

Property Owner

"We have utilized Jim's property management services on my rental in San Diego County for many years. He has always been the consummate professional and provided service levels that far exceeded our expectations. This is our first investment property and Jim has always done a great job of easing any possible concerns about renting it out. Not only is he extremely responsive, he has the foresight to address any repair issues with our property before they become a much larger problem by literally rolling up his sleeves to assist. Our experience with him has been nothing short of stellar and we would gladly refer his team to anyone looking for property management services."


Property Owner

"Jim Scanlon is the best property manager I have ever had. He stepped into a difficult leasing situation for me. The previous property manager was ready to evict my tenants, but Jim turned the situation around to everyone's satisfaction. He gave the tenants a lot of attention, which they greatly appreciated. He was quick to respond to their many repair requests. He persuaded them that one of their requests could better be solved in a less expensive way. The tenants are much happier now with Jim Scanlon in charge. They are not the easiest tenants to deal with, but Jim is such a pro that he handles them with seeming ease. Best of all, Jim keeps me fully informed of the tenants' needs and wants, which is something that I requested - good communication. I am sure that if an owner wanted less communication, Jim would happily comply with that preference, while fully competently managing the property. In addition to keeping my tenants happy and my property in good repair, Jim proactively looks out for me. I will sell my property eventually and Jim has the expertise to advise me on my future sale. He's never pushed me to sell now, and has stayed focused on being a great property manager. I cannot say enough about Jim Scanlon's outstanding property management skills. He's simply the best!"

Jim and Judy Dragoo

Tenant Referral

"We have known Jim Scanlon for over 3 years and he is by far the very best landlord we have ever had.  He has been thorough, honest and considerate with all of our dealings.  Jim is an awesome individual and works hard to ensure that we are satisfied with all aspects of our tenancy.  We would not rent from anyone else."